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Art & Design

Early years with drawing
Even since I was a kid, I sat in my room doing drawings and sketches. I drew a lot of different shapes and colored them. It would be fun to hear somebody analyze what they meant, because I have no idea why I drew them. It was some similar to mosaic.
I remember, when I was i elementary school, I always liked to sit with other boys and girls that liked to draw. One of the friends at school were real good at drawing dinosaurs and so I learned to draw them as well. Triceratops, Tyrannosauros Rex etc.

Grade 7-9
When I was in the seventh grade I was quite much bullied, and I used the sketching and drawing as a sort of meditation. I spent a lot of hours sitting in my room, listening to music and drew portraits. I learned more and more how to draw portrait and especially girls. This has been my main category since then.

Art class
Later, I took an art class and learned more about perspective and shades. Unfortunately the teacher was more interested in chatting with the students than letting us work and therefore a lot of half finished drawings was the result of that class. Of course I learned some though.
When I moved to Göteborg (Gothenburg) I took another class, or more or less, pay and paint sessions. It was really fun. We had a nude model and the teacher there instructed her to stand/sit in different positions and with different timing. I learned quite a lot regarding proportions there, since sometimes the model was only going to stand in one position for 2 minutes for some of the positions and then for 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes and 15 minutes. That way, you really had to draw the siluette and get the proportions correct, more than focusing on details. That is the basics, getting the proportions right first, of course but nevertheless a good class.

In one of the art classes I started to draw with charcoal. I really liked it and kept on doing it for a while. The beauty with it, is that you get instant effect. It is also quite forgiving, I think. I mean, even though you draw a couple of lines and think it would look quite bad, you get some effect hard to explain, but looks cool.

Lineart - Ink
I have a friend that used to draw some with ink and I wanted to try that too. It is not as forgiving as charcoal and you really need to do a sketch before you use the ink. I think the best effect is when you have a sketch which you can add color to and then with different thickness of the ink lines get a cool effect. Also very nice without any coloring, only sketching and then ink it and remove the sketch lines.

Oil & Acrylic
Quite many years ago I got a set from my parents with oil colors, but I have never used it. I thought I needed some training first before I opened them. I guess they are ruined now. About two years ago I became friend with an artist in Eskilstuna and as I was going to do the website for him, I have seen almost all his work and I really got the interest of starting to paint my self with oil or acrylic.
Seems to be a lot of fun and also really cool. You can see his website here, which I created.

Already in 1996 when I moved to Göteborg (Gothenburg) I started to look into how to make a homepage and built those akward looking websites with a lot of flying things. I continued and learned more and more. I started to make my own designs with images and "stitching" them together with HTML tables so it looked quite good, for that time. I will try to find them (the saved files) and make screenshots and upload here somewhere.
So, I learned HTML, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and a bit Javascript. I have developed more or less only my own websites, except for to some friends.

I want to learn more. Want to learn PHP and using databases. That would be really cool. Lets see if I get time for that or even if I get to learn some at Chalmers at the Computer Engineering programme.

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