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University - Higher education

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (Aug 2010 - ONGOING)
Description: Engineering mathematics, Programming (Assembler, C, Java), Network and communication etc.
School: Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg/Gothenburg, Sweden

Qualified Vocational Education

Programming and Electronics (Nov 1998 - Apr 2000)
Description: Qualified Vocational Education, Computer Engineering and Electronics.
(The Qualified Vocational Education is an education that is both theoretic and also practice at different companinies suited for the education.)
School: GTI (Göteborgs Tekniska Institut), Göteborg/Gothenburg, Sweden

Secondary School / High school

Science - Grade improvements (Sep 1997 - Jun 1998)
Description: Science programme grade improvements in Religion, Society, Swedish and English
School: Annedals Komvux, Göteborg/Gothenburg, Sweden

Science - Grade improvements + Electric (Jan - Jun 1995)
Description: Science programme grade improvements in Math and also added Electrical science.
School: KTS (Katrineholms Tekniska Skola, Katrineholm, Sweden (Does not exist anymore)

Science programme (Aug 1991 - Jun 1994)
Description: Science Programme with Chemistry major third year
School: Rinmansskolan, Eskilstuna, Sweden

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