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My name is Mattias Isene and was born 1976 in Gent (Belgium). When I was 2 years and 10 months we moved to a small village outside Eskilstuna, Sweden. There we lived and when my brother started school and I was only 4 years old, I was jealous of him and also wanted to learn math. So dad gave me some math for me to do as well. Began school when I was six (one year ahead regular age). Did excellent scores in school up to my fourth-fifth year in school. Then I got tired of it. I guess a little earlier than others as well...

After my sixth grade I had to travel to Eskilstuna for my education. Grade seven to nine my lack of interest in school was really shown in my grades. They weren´t really enough to get in at the three year Technical education that I aimed for, but somehow I got in a reserve or something.
There I put a lot of effort in some subjects and less in others. The third year I chose Chemistry. I worked hard to get the grades up the last year, but didn´t get that much of improvement in the average grade. When I graduated I had already made the military test and knew that I was going to join the Navy in October 1995.

In August 1994 I was in a car accident. Wasn´t hurt at all, I thought. After a month I felt more and more pain and it was good that I had went to the hospital to X-ray my neck. The problems grew gradually. Still have neck and back problems from it today, but fortunately better than other people I have met with whiplash.

Between graduation in the late spring 1994 and the military I went a semester to Katrineholm and studied some of the subjects I had to get better grades in, so I could apply for a higher education. At the same time I also added electric, which was a mistake. Not only that I got even more subjects with grades to divide the sum to get an average. It also got me a lot of extra work that I could have used for the grades which I already had.

At this time I had travelled some. Skiing trips and summer 1995 some friends and I went to the Swedish west coast where we had a lot of fun. After the summer I joined the Navy in October, as a "SÄKJAKTMAN" in the Swedish BASSÄK. (Kind of anti-terrorist trained in coast areas.) There I was for five weeks, keeping my mouth shut regarding the whiplash injury I had. The last week we marched 10 K's (6.2 Miles) with a 110 litres backpack that weighed almost 40 kilos (88 pounds) and also the Swedish AK5 (modified Belgian FNC) that weighs 4.5 kilos (9.9 pounds). My back couldn´t take it and I had to give up and tell my LT (Lieutenant). He immediately sent me for transfer to another military education. I went to Karlskrona and learned to drive truck and bus, and after five weeks I went back. There I drove the regiment internal bus every two weeks and the other weeks I drove high officers and also some food transports to the ships in the harbour.

After my military service I went to Göteborg (Gothenburg, Sweden) and moved in with a friend. Got a job as a telemarketing seller. Did very good in the beginning, but lost it after two and half months. Started to study again, improved my bad grades (again). Later I started to work as a projector (data/video) installer, which mean that I drove to conference centres and hotels, installing projectors and whatever they needed.


Then off to studies again, but this time a higher education...or well, something between secondary elementary school and university, but without getting the university points. The program was not good. Teachers got other jobs or left school for other purposes...I don´t know. We had four different teachers in C++ in four semesters. Most of them were bad teachers as well. I stayed in school the two years, mostly for the good friends I got there. (We all stayed...although we were doing other things, like sites and stuff.)

I "graduated" in the spring 2000. Sought work as web designer/interface developer, but didn´t get any job. My money drained fast when I didn´t have any income, so the only solution for me was to move back to Eskilstuna with my folks. In February 2001 I got a job as a Parts Planner (now known as Parts Engineer) at Volvo Construction Equipment - Customer Support. The job was to decide which parts that should be spare parts for Articulated Haulers, Wheel Loaders and Excavators. I worked as Parts Planner/Parts Engineer around 2-2,5 years. Besides the day to day job as Parts Planner/Engineer I was involved in a number of areas:

  • Standard Commonality team (Customer Support representative)
  • Super user for an parts information query tool (for the department)
  • Parts Description handling (A lot of systems included) (Customer Support representative)
  • Process mapping of the Customer Support activities

The last bullet, regarding early work in Business Process mapping got me really interested and it finally got me an opportunity to be assigned as PPD Process Leader (PPD = Product Portfolio Development). I started in this new position on 50% from summer 2003. During 2005 I applied to Internal Consultant within the OD (Operational Development program) and I went through the extensive 5 week course spread out on half a year.
So I worked as Internal Consultant, meaning administration of seminars and hosting them. Also held courses for Team Leaders and Coaches. This I did in parallel with the PPD Process Leader job (50/50). 2007-2008 I traded the 50% time as Internal Consultant to be a project member in a huge PDM Project within Volvo CE. I was responsible for the Life Cycle and Change management design procedure ("DP" - a document that describes how things should be work from a Business standpoint and later to be translated by IT into real IT Use-Cases. This project gave me a lot of experience in several things, such as project models, PDM and CAD and the life cycle itself.
Between 2009 and 2010 I have been involved in a number of interesting projects regarding project management tools and also a number of process improvement projects which I have more or less been driving myself (project manager work).

Now I have study leave from my job, since August 17 2010, and am now studying at Chalmers University of Technology, the Electro Engineer program. I will change to Computer Engineering as soon as I can as that was my first priority and to combine with my experience in Business Processes.

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