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Current page: Personal


The "personal" pages I aim to show some of my interests, such as art & design, diving etc. Unfortunately I have not been doing any it in a long time now, but I hope I will be able to do it soon and show some.
Meanwhile I will have some of my old stuff here...

Art & Design
Even since I was a kid, I sat in my room doing drawings and sketches. I don't think I am a natural talent in sketching, but since I liked it, I have practiced much over the years. For a while I even considered to apply to an art school and started to do some drawings for the application. It was a huge task to do, and I realized I did not really have the talent for it.
In parallel I created a lot of personal homepages and I thought that I could be a webdesigner. I developed some skills in HTML and then continued by learning CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and later also Javascript.
I applied to a lot of web companies and almost got job at one, but then the bubble burst and I had no chance of getting a job as web developer/designer. And then I moved back from Göteborg (Gothenburg) to Eskilstuna where I after a couple of months became Parts Planner / Parts Engineer at Volvo Construction Equipment.
The page, Art & Design, I describe some of the sites I have done and what I want to learn more.

Art - Sketching
Here I show you my sketches. Mostly old stuff, since I haven't done any in a long while.

Art - Lineart
I have only created some ink drawings, which I present here.

Art - Illustrations
Earlier, when I had my old stationary computer, I had an old Wacom board which I used to draw some illustrations. Now that I have bought myself a laptop which does not have serial port and PS2 mouse port (which the old Wacom board required) I felt that I had to buy a new Wacom Board. I recently accuired a Wacom Bamboo Fun A5 which is a lot of fun and I hope I will have some time to draw some illustrations soon, even though it's quite time consuming.

I have an Open Water Diver license and only have about 13 dives (up to date; Nov 15, 2010). Nevertheless I like diving very much and I try to get time for diving when ever I travel outside Sweden. Even since I started my former website ( I thought about building a page displaying my dive journal. This page will do that...but is not priority 1.

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