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Learning PHP and moving to! October 30 - 2013

Since I lost my domain some years ago, I tried to get it back and then felt bad about losing it. Then I thought - "well...there is a, so why not register it.", and so I did. Since I wanted to create a new dynamic site on and I did not have time for it, it has been unused since then...
I developed the in the meantime, but now I am learning PHP and mySQL together with some other interesting stuff like Twitter Bootstrap (styling in CSS and some Javascript). Therefore I have started up and will use it for continuous development/learning, i.e coding when I got the time and will publish as soon as each part of the site are ready to be implemented.
Once I have got the correct structure I will move all information from to
I have not decided what to do with yet - if I should turn it into my new company or use it for something else. To be decided...

Release of updated website! November 16 - 2010

I have now updated the design some from the old to fit the new website.
I have removed some and added some. However, the profession pages are not finished yet, but I thought they were far better as they are now than nothing at all. I aim to finish them as soon as possible, since I may have some job opportunities my way soon.

Sunday evening...November 8 - 2010 buried and coming alive...

I had a website called earlier and somehow the domain could not be transferred to another domain provider and was forced to wait for it to be released from them. Very fast somebody took the domain and then have never used it and is trying to sell it for very much money. I remember I saw a figure of $60'000.

So I guess I wont get it back and therefore came up with a new name for my web site which is
The reason behind the name is that I wanted a name that some day can be the name of my future company. The name origins from two "words"; Evolution and IQ. Interpretation - evolution by IQ >> calculate the future and develop things to satisfy the future needs and be ready when they come, as needs also "progress".

Meanwhile, I will use this website for numerous purposes. Learn more about "web programming", write about my work experiences, courses in my education and of course some personal stuff such as my artistic side and also link to my blog.

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